about us

DMR Recordings has built a deserved reputation for quality location recordings and right at the heart of our service lies a commitment to deliver the kind of product that professional and amateur musicians and ensembles expect from our fully transportable, state of the art digital recording system producing fully multi-mic’d, recorded, mixed and mastered recordings.

Our system can be temporarily installed in any suitable space. We have excellent recording equipment based around the Soundfield microphone. This is an incredibly accurate (and expensive) microphone, initially developed as part of an advanced sound system known as Ambisonics which enables a totally accurate picture of a venue to be recreated.

Location recording can enhance the sonic quality of almost any acoustic music and when recorded under favourable conditions cannot be equalled by other techniques. Recording on location without an audience allows for multiple takes, frequent periods of rest, and restraint free positioning of microphones. Digital recording offers low noise and distortion free recording over a huge dynamic range without degradation of the recorded sound.

We have many years of experience in location recordings and our aim has always been to deliver a quality product that professional musicians and ensembles expect. There are several factors that make a good recording including the musical performance, the skill of the recording engineer, the equipment used, the location and the desire and spirit of everyone on the day.

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